Merino Topper Pillows

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  • World-famous 100% organic merino wool mattress topper, 1.5in thick.

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Merino Topper Pillows – The sweet smell of merino wool assures you are receiving the true organic merino wool product, free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and synthetics. Wool aroma is appealing to the senses and helps induce a relaxed, healthy and comforting sleep environment. It will dissipate within a few days after opening.

Merino Topper Pillows Features:

  • 1.5” thick.
  • Encased in certified organic cotton.
  • Filled with certified organic superfine merino wool.
  • Perfect for all-year-round comfort.
  • We are going back to our famous original ivory fabric color on our myMerino toppers.
  • Queen-size is already shipping in ivory color.
  • We shall have other sizes in ivory color as soon as we complete selling the current stock in natural color.
  • It comes in eco-friendly and reusable cotton packaging.
  • 3rd party certified to industry’s leading organic certifications.
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Merino Topper Pillows

Merino Topper Pillows Benefit:

  • The myMerino Topper is ideal for anyone who dreams of the ultimate in comfort, relaxation, health, and peaceful sleep.
  • With 700 muscles needing to relax during sleep, myMerino Topper provides the most desirable comfort and relief from the pressure points because of its soft and supple, spring-shaped Merino wool fibers.
  • Certified organic merino wool fibers enable myMerino Topper to serve as a superior body temperature regulator.
  • This year-round comfortable topper is soothing for those who have multiple chemical sensitivities, certain allergies, and/or suffer from discomfort due to arthritis or fibromyalgia, or other health challenges.
  • Quickly wicks away moisture without making you feel cold or clammy. Less time is spent tossing and turning.
  • This topper should last for many years with proper care.
  • Wool has been out-performing other fibers used for bedding for many years.

Customer Reviews:

What luxury! The items I ordered: MyMerino wool comforter, MyMerino wool topper, and organic duvet covers
are all the best I found anywhere AND at the best prices, with free shipping!
Additionally, the two founders’ customer service is personal, knowledgable and generous.
I’m very concerned about buying organic, with the ethical treatment of animals. This several generational families
business fits my high standards.
The items, after airing and fluffing them out from their packaging, had no chemical smell. This
in contrast to other products, I’ve returned to other companies who claim to be non-toxic.
The merino wool is cozy, with loft and a mild but delightful wool smell.

I’m so happy and sleeping better than ever!

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