Wood Platform Bed Wayfair

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Solid Wood Platform Storage Bed Full Size

wood platform bed wayfair – Wood and metal styling give your room an industrial spin, not to mention distinctive mattress support. Choose from classic warm brown or grey for a more rustic touch.

Wood Platform Bed Wayfair

There are so many bed designs to select from. Either by directly shopping for a furniture store or ordering it custom. You who want to buy furniture for a new home would want to have a bed that can function optimally, both in terms of comfort and beauty. Have you ever tried platform beds? This model bed is widely owned and gives a unique beauty to the rooms in the house, especially for the master bedroom.

A glimpse of a platform bed

Platform beds are beds that are shaped like platforms or small platforms. The height could be adjusted to your desires and comfort, usually between 30-50 cm. Platform beds are frames of mattresses, usually made of solid wood or manufactured wood. This platform is plain and forms the base of a mattress. Generally, platform beds, or so-called cabin beds, are wider than the mattress used, so as if the mattress does not have a bed or directly to the floor.

Platform bed design inspiration

Platform bed designs are normally used for small bedrooms and are intended to extend storage. The platform can be used to store various items, such as shoes and books. Furthermore, here is a platform bed design that can be your inspiration.

Do many individuals ask where to buy platform beds? The issue is we cannot find the bedframe platform easily. Very few furniture stores sell bedframe platforms, although there are those who sell, the choices are few.


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wood platform bed wayfair

A platform bed is one of the furniture or furniture that is very useful for the size of your room is limited because of its minimal size. There are some platform bed ideas that I wrote in my previous blog about decorating for a tiny bedroom.

wood platform bed wayfair

Now if you are confused about who is selling a platform bed, why not just make it? Make a bed frame with the model and size you want, cheaper prices, better material. Here are examples of platform beds that you can use as a reference:

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